Q. What type of instruments do you play?

A. Luxe Harmony musicians play violin, viola, cello, upright bass and harp.  Schedule a free consultation to learn more about what we offer in your area.

Q. What is a string quartet?

A. A string quartet is an ensemble comprised of two violinists, a violist (like a bigger, deeper-sounding violin), and a cellist. It is our most requested ensemble for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hour, and dinner service because our musicians are able to play a wide range of genres.  With a string quartet, you can have contemporary music, pop, rock, and even jazz as your background music for your event.

Q. What types of events do you play?

A. Luxe Harmony musicians play in wedding ceremonies, wedding cocktail hours, dinner service, as well as church services, religious ceremonies, proposals, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, corporate events, business openings, Christmas parties and events, birthday parties, and so much more! 

Q. Do you play in outdoor venues?

A. Absolutely! With such beautiful surroundings, outdoor weddings in Florida and Texas are incredibly popular. Luxe Harmony musicians are happy to play at your outdoor venue. The only thing we ask is that, especially in the case of violins, violas, cellos, and harps, we have a covering, awning or a tent to protect our sensitive instruments from the sun and rain.

Q. Can you play at our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour even if they are in two separate locations?

A. Yes! 

Q. What are your musicians' qualifications?

A. Luxe Harmony musicians are the top musicians in their field. They are comprised of Grammy-nominated artists, symphony musicians, music educators and active artists within the musical community. Please see our "About Us" page and "Our Musicians" tab to learn more about our musicians' experience and background.

Q. What types of music can you play?

A. From Bach to The Beatles to Billy Idol, our range of genres is unmatched. Our motto is, if you can sing it, we can play it!  Coming soon is a custom music package where we can turn your favorite poem into a song!

Q. Can I request a specific piece of music?

A. Absolutely! Our list of classical repertoire is extensive. Should you require a piece of music to be played at your event that we do not currently have, we have a music arranger who can either purchase the music if it is already written, or arrange the piece into written music for our musicians. Please let us know during your consultation the types of pieces you would like, and we will let you know if a music purchase is required. In that case, we will provide you with a quote.

Q. What do you need to have provided to you to play at my event?

A. For string musicians such as violinists, violists, and cellists, we need chairs WITHOUT ARMS and ample space to perform. For a string quartet we require four armless chairs and at least 10X10 feet of space.  

Q. Can you provide sound amplification with speakers and microphones?

A. Yes! We do provide speaker and microphone options to carry the sound futher during your event. This is recommended for locations such as the beach or for large outdoor venues. Please let us know your sound needs during your consultation.